Are you looking for a travel destination that has an abundance of places to see and things to do? If this sounds like the type of vacation you would love to have, Nevada could be the perfect place for you! With a host of attractions to suit everyone’s preferences, the only problem with choosing Nevada as your next travel spot, is that you will have trouble deciding which attractions to put on your wish list!

To give you a helping hand in knowing what places you should visit, we are happy to highlight a few choices that are sure to make your trip memorable.

Pinball Hall Of Fame

Do you fancy a little fun while on vacation? Would you like to do something that is certainly different? If you do, The Pinblll Hall Of Fame might be right up your street. You will find flashing lights, lots of excitement and the dinging of many bells. With over
200 games to choose from, some costing as little as 10 cents a go, you won’t be bored if you visit this attraction. It is also a great place to mix with the locals and try out something a little bit unique while enjoying the destination.

The Clown Motel

You will find the Clown Motel as the final chance to sleep over before you hit yet another long stretch of Nevada desert. With an array of clown dolls and a rather unique atmosphere, the Clown Motel certainly has the potential to give you a visit to remember. You will also find a miner’s graveyard close by the Clown Motel, making the whole site feel rather atmospheric, to say the least.

Atomic Survival Town

Back in 1955, to aid nuclear explosion testing, homes and structures were built at varying distances from the nuclear blasts with the purpose of identifying the impact of explosions. Known both as Survival Town and Doom Town, a visit to this place can feel like a fusion of disturbing and fascinating. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for people who find such attractions interesting, it is sure to please.

A visit to Nevada has the potential to leave you spoiled for choice. With such a wealth of history, an abundance of attractions and plenty of activities to take part in, your only problem will be that you won’t want to go home!